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Happy 2015! Hope you all had a great time celebrating. I had a very quiet Hogmanay - hangover free!

Have you made any creative resolutions for the new year? I'm determined to get back to making photo-manipulation. This is a call for you to share with me your favourite stock and resources deviations. I need inspiration! :excited:


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fiskefyren Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
Hello fourteenthstar,

I've tried to contact a few members of the DA staff regarding this issue that I'm about you lay on you, but I've yet to recive any replies on the matter and it has been quite a while now since I took contact to them.

Regardless, I've been unfairly treated by two of DA's admins when I tried to seek some justice after being unfairly punished for something that others doesn't seem to get punished for (I suspect it's because DA treat paying and non-pay members of DA differently). Regardless, I'll be linking you a few things so you can have a look for yourself.

Firstly, I was suspended for two weeks because I made an alt account and replied to someone who had blocked me, but when someone did the exact same thing to me y2jenn did give a shit and pretty much told me to go fuck myself, you can read about it on my journal:…
and these two help desk tickets: #695722 and #692338 where y2jenn pretty much just gave me the middle finger.

Secondly, then I tried to get some help from Mrs-Durden with how to deal with y2jenn and my unfair treatment, she also pretty much just gave me the middle finger and then blocked me, you can see our conversation here that I luckily took at picture off before she removed the entire conversation (I guess she got embarrassed and decided to remove the evidence as she blocked me):…

I hope that you'll take this serious and look into this case, I know there is a lot of stuff to read, but it's a pretty complicated case and your admins have given me the worst treatment that I've ever experienced and I've been a member here for over 10 years!

Please take a look at it, I'm sure that you're a reasonable person and can see that y2jenn and Mrs-Durden have treated me very poorly. I hope that you can bring some light and justice to this case, thank you kindly!
-with love from an agnostic
FadedPaper Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Writer
mrs-durden only has control of suggesting daily deviations, nothing else.
electricjonny Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
I don't really want to start a debate on the issue, but I'll say—my oppinion only—that at least Mrs-Durden did not treat you poorly, or "gave you the middle finger".  I believe they were just informing you that creating threads again would be closed since it's not what the forums are for, and that the help desk isn't exactly a place to bring up issues against other staff members.  I know it seems that there should be a place for issues like that, but I really don't know where to bring those to.

Regarding your help desk ticket, the staff takes them seriously, and even if they don't resolve the case to your expectations, it doesn't necessarily mean they treated you unfairly or "go fuck yourself" (I believe you are taking a response and coloring it with your opinion here).

In any case, fourteenthstar is no longer a staff member here, so bringing this issue to her isn't a useful way to get help.  I can't really help out more than that, since I'm also not a staff member.  I'm just trying to bring a bit of explanation to this all.  I know I'm sounding like a white horse here, but I've also been here 10+ years and this is what I'm basing this all on.

I also see that you've deactivated (or have been banned) this account, and probably won't see this, but perhaps it can be useful for other people here :shrug:
TheGalleryOfEve Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tudalia Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student General Artist
You've done great things for the community! I wish you well with your future! Good luck Fiona! Keep up with being a devious person ahead😊👍😘
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