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June 4
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In this, the first of a new, regular newsletter, I'd like to take a moment to give you an overview of the Community Operations department.

DeviantART's Community Operations Department encompasses the Help Desk and the Copyright and Etiquette Administration (CEA) teams. These teams are dedicated to providing a high level of support within the community via our help desk portal as well as what we call the "Moderation Desk", which is where all of the deviations that have been reported as being unsuitable or in violation of our policies, await review from a member of staff.

Community Operations Staff are spread out across the globe on a mix of many time zones. Some work from a physical office in deviantART HQ in Los Angeles, some work from their homes in America, Canada, Bahamas, Germany and the UK. This may not sound like a real job, but like any employment, there are clearly laid out roles and responsibilities as well as continuous supervision to ensure that people are meeting expectations as well as receiving ongoing personal development.

The team are all deviants - every single person on the team was recruited from the community. Some were Community Volunteers before applying for full time positions, so we're very familiar with the deviantART community and how it works.

Copyright & Etiquette Administration

Within Copyright & Etiquette Administration , the Team Leader is aunjuli and consists of damphyr, y2jenn, kozispoon, godofodd and dxd. In addition, we also have realitysquared, who develops documentation, training and co-ordinates specific projects alongside assisting with tickets. If you ever contact us regarding stolen or inappropriate deviations, ban queries, harassment enquiries, or any other cases which involve the enforcement of policies, these are the people who will handle your reports.

Help Desk

Within the Help Desk , the Team Leader is ewm, and consists of Thunderstatement and Ikue. This terrific trio are responsible for the handling of all community support areas, including general help with your account, as well as investigating bug reports and submitting issues to our devious Technology department.

Now for the science part...

Here's a snapshot of some recent statistics surrounding tickets and reports.

In the Past 3 Months we have solved

  • 3,476 Bug Reports
  • 13,238 CEA Tickets
  • 6,269 General Help tickets
Over the past week we have handled:
  • 336 Bug Reports
  • 959 CEA Tickets
  • 629 General Help tickets
  • 2,620 moderation desk reports.

Community Development & Recognition

In addition to overseeing the teams, I have the honour of selecting deviants for certain recognitions within the community. One of these recognitions is the highly sought after Deviousness Award, which is given out to one outstanding deviant on the first of every month. If you haven't done so already, hop on over to dekorAdum and congratulate him on receiving the award on the 1st of June!

If you would like to suggest someone for the Deviousness Award, please feel free to send me a note. Please ensure that the suggestion is someone who has been a Deviant for quite sometime (not just a few weeks or months!), and is someone who has made outstanding effort at participating in deviantART on many levels.

In addition to the Deviousness Award, I also select individuals to receive what is known as "Seniority". These are deviants whom are being recognized as being role models within the community.

FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?

I hope that this provides you with some more information about what we do and who we are!. Keep following our communityops account for regular editions of this news article, and let us know what you'd like to see included.

Stay devious! :dalove:

The first in a new regular newsletter from the Community Operations department.
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Windklang Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, and you did not talk about the specific reports like abuse reports yet.
I contacted the help-desk in personal matters twice since my time on dA and I got support within 48 hours!! I NEVER would have thought, that there are only three people running the help desk!!
Congrats to you three :iconewm: :iconthunderstatement: :iconikue: !! Glad to get to know you :)
I also did not know, that all staff-members are recruited from the dA-members! Great to know. This might be the secret of the remarkable harmony within the community along with all the possibilities!

It was always clear to me, that being dA staff is a "real job" - even as a "casual" member I sometimes just need to be careful to not confuse duties on dA and duties on other parts of my life. It can be a full time job for non-staff-members too, if we are not careful :D

Whatever: Thank you so much for your awesome work! We appreciate it very much, and I will make it part of my mission to make other appreciate this as well!! :)
All the best!
KovoWolf Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Professional General Artist
Aoi-Mew Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014   Digital Artist
:iconewm:  is an great admin too and :iconfourteenthstar: and :iconkozispoon:
zeruch Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
aunjuli runs C&E? I have faith in humanity again.

This was generally a great newsletter. Kudos.
Geak-of-Nature Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
:clap:  Well done!  I'm looking forward to each edition.

BTW, I submitted two "bug reports" recently and was surprised at how quickly I received a response.  They're doing an awesome job! :thumbsup:

I'm chucking at KPEKEP 's question, "How do I become a Senior Member?"  My question has always been "Why do folks want to be senior members?"  Do they get 10% off movie tickets or something?  ;)
milovanf Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Geak-of-Nature Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for replying, but I don't understand why you took the time to do so.
milovanf Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I have plenty of free time to help someone.
KPEKEP Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
The amendment -I wrote about people who in my opinion deserved this status (Senjor).

KPEKEP Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
Yesterday I, too, something I wrote about 3 members. I have not answered yet ) 
:rofl: 10% off movie ticketsis - nice . 

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