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As part of our week long celebration of appreciation and love for our community, I had the pleasure of interviewing some of our Staff to find out what their favourite moments and memories of the community are, their favourite deviations and what they like best about the wonderful deviantART community.

Angelo, Co-Founder and CEO

I can't pick just one, because I love dearly so many moments in the history of deviantART. But as I read the question, the first one that came to my mind was eating Vegemite for the first time with Justin Maller (+ekud) who I'd never met in person at that time, and is the founder of the depthCORE art collective) and Heidi ($Heidi) in a cafe just around the corner from the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. It was our first world tour stop of 10, where members were supposed to come and meet us at landmark locations in their country as we flew to our 10 most deviously populated cities world wide. I was completely nerve racked. We'd only given a couple days notice, and we had no idea if anyone at all was going to show up to our first tour stop with such little notice or marketing. As Justin showed us the perfect proportion with which to spread vegemite so that it isn't gross on toast with butter, I had so many butterflies in my stomach with which to absorb the bread.

We paid the bill and left, in time to head to the stairs of the Opera House two hours early to prepare in case anyone showed up… and as we turned the corner, anticipating the worst, there was a crowd of 80 people holding deviantART signs who spotted us instantly!!! We had such a fantastic day with the 130 people who showed up, and the tour from that point forward was nothing short of the greatest experience of my life… from Australia, to Singapore with 300 deviants, Poland with 280, and so on in Turkey, Germany, France, the UK (nearly 600 people!!), New York/USA, Canada, Los Angeles/USA.

For this, and so many more reasons, we love you guys!!!!

Kate, Prints Marketing Merchandiser

I would say the 10th BirthdAy Bash at the House of Blues. I had just started as a staff member and I truly didn't understand the impact we had on our community. I was assigned to hanging out with $spyed that day and boy was it a treat. I really didn't know what to expect. I feel as if I got a special look/crash course in to the devious experience watching the various interactions with $spyed. I got to meet so many phenomenal deviants. It really blew me away. I think that was the moment that I realized that dA was much much more than a place to work. It was a home.

Danielle, Director of Community Relations

My favorite memories this year are rolled into #SXSW – from the epic road trip with $endosage, to the mini-deviantMEET in Tucson, AZ, Texas-sized deviantMEET in Austin and getting to meet Felicia Day! It was all pretty wonderific!

Heather, VP of Sales

The dA 10th bdAy party – being on stage singing Happy Birthday – I was just blown away by the outpouring of love!

Dan, Jr .Project Manager

My favourite deviantART memory was probably the 10th birthday party at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. It was great to see so many deviants come together IRL to celebrate the ten years we've been a community.

Toby, Marketing Assistant

The 10th BirthdAy Bash in Los Angeles last year was definitely one of my favorite dA moments. I had been to Comic-Con previously where we met deviants IRL, but the 10th birthday was solely dedicated to deviantART members and celebrating our community. I was able to be involved in some of the online events in the chats as well as help out with the event in LA, so I got to spend the day with amazing deviants here and all around the world. It was really amazing to see all of our hard work planning the event come to fruition and see the excitement from deviants in attendance, especially playing with deviantART muro, learning from tutorials, drawing and collaborating…an all around awesome experience and a great way to celebrate such a landmark event.

Lauren, Executive Assistant to the CEO

My favorite deviantART memory is being onstage at the dA 10th birthday. I had, technically, sort of, with a lot of help, organized the whole thing, and the last loose end was getting an emcee for the announcements and introductions and panel moderator…which never happened, so it was me.

I was totally unprepared, but I knew enough from my time as a stand-up comedian that you can fake comfort and energy and the crowd will match. It had worked well enough thus far, but at the very end, I had to announce the winners of the Print giveaway. It was also about one minute before going onstage that I realized…I didn't have the names or authors of ANY of the deviations I was about to give away. But I was over stressing out, and I just went onstage and started improv-ing with $codenamepanther like..."And the next winner gets...'Aviation Dog Flying Around on Balloons.'" Sorry, `trenchmaker! But you do what you gotta do. :)

Meg, Marketing Assistant

My favorite deviantART memory is hands-down the 10th birthday party. I hadn't been at deviantART very long, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the birthday party, but to see so many happy, excited people come pouring into The House of Blues was absolutely magical. I was so excited to meet everyone and each and every single person I met was smiling and having a fantastic time. It was an amazing way to be introduced to the deviantART community.

Chris, Help Desk Representative

For the longest time my favourite memory on deviantART was Vector Week during the original project education all those many years ago. It still holds a special place in my heart because it brought me together with so many outstanding deviants and opened the world of possibility to an otherwise unnoticed medium. More recently however I would have to say the most outstanding memory I have while a part of deviantART has to be the 10th birthday bash from last year. Getting to meet so many amazing deviants up close and personal and partying with the pros really was mind blowing. Thinking about it I still get high off the happy alone!

Luka, Developer, dT

My favorite deviantART memory would definitely be exchanging notes with $micahgoulart back in 2004 over his photography and then becoming colleagues and proper friends through working on deviantART itself.

Bryan, Community Operations Representative

The deviantART Summit is one of my favourite site-related memories. It was the first time I had the opportunity to meet all these great artists and staff members. It was a truly marvelous event and we're overdue for another!

Jenn, Copyright & Etiquette Administrator

I have so many dA related memories. I love the big things like getting hired, being a Comics and Cartoons gallery moderator, meeting dA friends for the first time outside the internet. I love the little things too, like finding new artists, being blown away so hard by a submission that I have to keep revisiting it several times throughout my work day (see my favorite deviation!) or just receiving a "thank you" after resolving a support desk ticket.

Evanita, Help Desk Team Leader

Thinking of one particular favourite moment or event is definitely a tough one especially considering all of the awesome things that happen all the time! The deviantART Birthday Bash last year at House of Blues definitely ranks up there. It was wonderful getting to meet so many deviants in one location and was amazing seeing so many deviants getting to try out deviantART muro for the first time.

Maria, Retail Customer Service Manager

My favourite deviantART memory was Comic-Con, as this was my first event!

Lisa, Office Administrator

One of my favorite memories is when I attended my first Beer Fridays. A couple of us played Rock Band and I thought to myself, "This is one of the Coolest Jobs EVER!!!"

Mike, Developer, dT

I have a lot of good memories from deviantART, but I still think that my favorite one was when I posted my first deviation. I was so used to creating my art in a vacuum, but as soon as I posted on deviantART there were favorites and comments coming in from all over the world. I had always known that the potential for such a positive community existed on the internet, but had never seen actual proof that one existed.

Kay, Copyright & Etiquette Administrator

I think to this day my favorite memory is when I first came to LA for a policy summit with $spyed, $realitysquared and lolly. $spyed picked me up at the airport, and as a joke, I wore fake fangs, since my screen name has to do with vampires. Angelo spent the whole drive from the airport to dinner doing double-takes at my fake pointy teeth (which were so big and bad they made me speak with a lisp) and was clearly in a mental debate with himself if he should mention them or if that would just be rude. He looked so relieved when I finally took them out and told him it was a joke a good half an hour later.

Simon, VP of Product

OK, this is lame, but mine would be the first comment I ever received. It was from `sanguru and it was on the first poem I ever wrote (stupidly deleted now) – I wasn't expecting an encouraging comment from a stranger and it lit up my whole world. Thanks again `sanguru!

"Southbound" by `keiross

$Ayame-Kenoshi said, "It's hard for me to pick an all time favorite deviation, but this is one I've come back to again and again over the years. This was one of the first deviations I came across when I joined the site. I was reminded of it recently as I took a trip to London and found myself in a very similar situation — people watching on the train and wondering what they were thinking. I admire the detail work and animation, and it always reminds me of London adventures."

"In Repair FINAL" by *angelitoon

$laurenkitsune said, "So many to choose from, and it's always changing, but this is my current favorite. I could imagine so many different stories about this scene. I love it."

"Holding All" by =P0RG

$eStunt said, ""Holding All" by =P0RG (with help from ~adeadrockstar) is one of my favorite deviations from this past year. It reminds me that when life feels like it's upside-down, it can still be beautiful."

"Happy 'splodey things" by *solastri

$dxd said, " I love this because it's things so often associated with violence but here they're so cute."

"The Thought of Me Kissing You" by *ahermin

$allixsenos said, "This is my favourite deviation because I think it combines an artistic eye for a good shot, opportunity and skill."

"End of the Line" by *Blepharopsis

$Alisey said, "All photography by Igor Siwanowicz is amazing, but this little chameleon is especially adorable."

"The Biting Pear of Salamanca" by `ursulav

$godofodd said, "One of my all time favourite deviations. It inspired a generation of plz accounts!"

"Assassins Creed Revelations" by *patrickbrown

$y2jenn said, "It's so hard picking a favorite deviation, especially after having racked up a few thousand favorites over the years. I picked this one because Patrick's work has always been moving for me as a comic artist. The expression and movement in his work is like a really good meal. My relatively new infatuation with the Assassin's Creed series was just one more reason to pick this piece. It's like that good meal and a really large pie afterwards."

"Flex" by *Blepharopsis

$ewm said, "Igor has to be by far one of my absolute favourite artists on dA. Being a huge fan of bugs, frogs, and other critters, his work always catches my eye because of the human emotions and expressions he seems to captivate in the smallest of creatures. I think most people would never imagine finding such human-like traits in a creature like a praying mantis or this gorgeous Red-Eyed Tree Frog."

"Fella Maker" by `brgtt

$MAMBITO1320 said, "This is very cool for all the Fella lovers like me!"

"The Crow" by ~applecorekevin

$mudimba said, "~applecorekevin is a very accomplished traditional painter. I love this deviation because it shows what happens when an oil painter first steps into the wide world of digital art."

"Head's lions" by ~puzzlesoul

$LMRomero said, "This is one of my favourite deviations because it inspires me to think outside of the box and to look at angles I've never really thought about before. I like the surrealistic nature of the objects and characters. It makes me feel like I'm entering some other world where lions hold rap concerts inside my head or inside of giant human heads. It's a trip!

~puzzlesoul has many great works of ART. I have a hard time picking just one. If you like your mind to bend 3-D Crazy Escher-ish meets Maurice Sendak meets Gary Norman Reissue (Boston album cover Artist). ANDDDDDD I just love them. It makes me want to draw just anything and go wild. What I love most is that I feel there are no boundaries or limits in his work. Anything goes.

"I am looking good I think" by `radioPooh

$pachunka said, "In truth I could pick anything by `radioPooh (the king of deviants, RIP) – he would get people together for photos like this with his only intention in mind being sharing it with his friends and crew of strangers on deviantART. That was what made his day. My favourite deviant, without a doubt, still inspiring people with his writing left right and center."

Angelo, Co-Founder and CEO

That's easy. I like most the giving and supportive nature of our members. I love that people bring their very best to the table, and that this defines our spirit as members. It's important today to recognize that this doesn't come cheap; it's a fight and a struggle. Yet our truest deviants find this fight rewarding. When I celebrate Deviants Appreciation Day every year, it's exactly this spirit that I wish to spread amongst us, so that we never accept a day where deviantART has lost its love.

Danielle, Director of Community Relations

Regardless of age, race, language, location or gender, there is a universal language and understanding shared within the deviantART community that I've never witnessed anywhere else. It's pure magic.

Heather, VP of Sales

Their loyalty and love for everything dA – I love how active the community is and how they get so excited.

Dan, Jr. Project Manager

The sense of community is probably my favourite thing about deviantART. Never have I seen such passion in an online community. When I joined deviantART, the thing that instantly attracted me to it was how much of a home it felt to me.

Toby, Marketing Assistant

While there are so many things to like about this community, I think one of the most unique aspects is the sheer amount of time deviantART has been around, and how many members stick with us throughout the years. Perhaps it's just because I came from this perspective, having been here 7 years, but artists I watched when I first joined are still creating and making incredible artwork to this day, and I still keep in contact with deviants I've known from the early years. There aren't many social networking sites that can make the same claim, so I really admire the long-term commitment most members have for this site.

Lauren, Executive Assistant to the CEO

I like the cycle of feedback within the community. Everyone checks their message center — eager, of course, to get messages from others — but they also see deviations and journals that others have put out. If their interest is piqued enough, they go and read or look at or soak in, and they leave comments of their own that are then eagerly checked by THOSE deviants! It's such an earnest cycle. I love being a part of it. Sure, there are people who post solely in the hopes of getting +1 pageview or a comment back, but after enough doing that, it becomes real and helpful for everyone involved. There's a greater good of helping and supporting each other, and that's something I've never found anywhere else!

Meg, Marketing Assistant

At first I thought it'd be easy to pick out what I like best about our community, but as I sat down to write this, it's hard to pick just one thing. Hmm...if I had to describe what I like most in just one word, it would be: acceptance. When I started as an admin, I wasn't very familiar with the community. I'd visited the site, but never really delved into the entire deviantART universe. As I started setting up my page, I started to get nervous about how people would react to my being a new admin, but to my surprise all I got were sweet, supportive comments and people interested in showing me the ropes. I've never met a sweeter, more accepting group of people and I'm thankful for you guys each and every day! (That sounds REALLY cheesy, but it's true!)

Chris, Help Desk Representative

You're always kept on your toes and that's what I love so much about dA. You never know what to expect from such a diverse group of exceptional artists. I'm so privileged to be a part of the community from both sides. Being able to be a deviant and also help shape the future of our community.

Luka, Developer, dT

What I like best about our community is that even though it's centered around a specific thing (art), it's so diverse with all ages, sexes, locations, cultures — so many beautiful things to be found on the site, so many interesting people to communicate and exchange ideas with. Of all the websites I've ever been a part of, deviantART is the one I've made most friends at.

Dom, Copyright & Etiquette Administrator

I really like how our community constantly supports the staff members and each other.

Aun-Juli, Community Operations Representative

I love that when we say the word 'community,' it means exactly that. The love and willingness to help others is what made me fall in love with deviantART, and it's inspiring to see how people lift others and help them in whatever way they can.

Oliver, Prints Quality Control

It's sheer size and centering around any and all arts.

Jenn, Copyright & Etiquette Administrator

I love dA's Comics and Cartoons community so much. It's intoxicating being around so many passionate people. It's motivational and extremely uplifting to see our pros taking advantage of dA, or to see a newbie just starting out in the world of comics and everything in between. It's hard not to feed off of that energy.

Evanita, Help Desk Team Leader

I'm totally an art history nerd and it never ceases to amaze me how many artists that are able to interact with each other on a scale that was physically impossible in previous art generations. The shear scale alone challenges artists to be unique and to improve their techniques at a faster pace than ever seen before, forcing art to continually evolve.

Maria, Retail Customer Service Manager

What I like best about our community is the good vibe that everybody projects towards other members. For example, all the volunteers for the Comic-Con street team were amazing.

Mike, Developer, dT

How can there possibly be a better community than one made up entirely of artists and art lovers?

Lisa, Office Assistant

I like that artists of all skillsets and mediums are able to communicate and share their work. I think that many of us artists not only love our own work but we are fans of other artists and it's all here on the site. Whatever you are looking for, to be inspired or to inspire others. Art is communication, reaching out with imagination, feelings, a story. deviantART is so much more than just that too! It's a network of creation!

Kay, Copyright & Etiquette Administrator

The deviantART community is such an amazing place to find people who want to share and help. Sure, the drama and bickering can often take a spotlight, but I have yet to find anywhere else so open, warm and willing to help an artist prosper. The Resources and Tutorials section is evidence enough of how eager deviants are to assist others in the creative process. It excites and inspires me to be around such amazing people every day and makes serving this community a true honor.

Simon, VP of Product

It's the only place on the internet where you actually put part of your soul out there, in the spotlight. Not just your name and some snapshots. It's risky business – you're sharing a deeper part of yourself – and it creates closer ties as a result. Besides, the art is something to bond over, and talk about. Put another way, DA has ACTUAL STUFF ON IT. I find that lacking in other social networks.

Heidi, VP of Marketing

At the end of the day, deviantART has something for everyone. Whether you're a professional artist looking to build a following, an amateur looking to hone your skills, an art appreciator looking for the latest art trends, or an Internet enthusiast looking to build connections with like-minded people — deviantART has you covered. No matter what you're passionate about or interested in, deviantART will help you find more of what you're looking for.

During the last couple of years especially, deviantART has been at the forefront of championing the arts and working to make them important again — helping to re-establish their relevance. During my time at deviantART, I've learned how art, and deviantART itself, can truly impact and inspire people. It's rewarding to know that I'm part of a community that can affect people's lives for the better.

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